River Turns Blood Red & Experts Have No Idea What Is Going On

Overnight the blood became red all the river, people said the doom is coming.


These people are afraid to see the people, and people are connecting it with the day of doom.


A river in the city of Tuoman in Russia became blood-reddened, after which there was a panic in the surrounding areas. Surprisingly, the scientists also have no answer to this question about how it has happened. It is being said that its water also threatens the lives of people. People said doom …

After this incident, the team of experts asked for water samples. After the lab test in Weston Siberia, its results have not been released yet. Since then some people are afraid of it, some people are linking it to the Bible, and some are saying that doom is about to come.


So what is this blood?

If some experts believe that this may be a kind of chemical reaction. A chemical dumped by a factory will be found in this river, due to which its color has changed. In this case, further investigation will be done.


River Turns Blood Red & Experts Have No Idea What Is Going On



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