Saudi Arabia’s new policies

Saudi Arabia’s new policies and double family tax forced Indian country to return


Family tax doubled from July 2018, people living from other countries have to pay this tax every month


Thousands of Indians living in Saudi Arabia are forced to return to the Indian settlement. Focus on Saudi First’s policy and doubling of Family Tax for foreigners is being explained. Family tax will be doubled by 2020. Apart from this, the huge increase in the prices of electricity, water and fuel is also being considered as the reason for the exodus of foreign nationals.

Family tax in Saudi Arabia was started in 2017. Then this was 100 riyals i.e. 1828 rupees per month per person. In 2018 it was made at 3656 rupees. In this way, the Indian people are sending additional family members back to India.


Opportunities for jobs decreased

The Saudi government has set a target to reduce unemployment by 2020. For this, the Saudi First policy is being implemented, that is, companies will first be able to give jobs to the citizens of Saudi Arabia. The ban on the work of foreigners in watches, glasses, medical stores, electrical shops, car showrooms, building material shops, carpet stores, automobiles, mobile shops, furniture showrooms, readymade garments, home-made shops and pastry shops.


Electricity prices have increased threefold

fuel prices have almost doubled since December 2017. The price of one liter octane-91 fuel was 75 halala (one hundredth of riyal) in December, now it has become 1.38 riyals i.e. 25 rupees. Electricity prices have increased up to three times. The first family whose electricity bill was 200 Riyal i.e. 3600 rupees, now it has to pay 600 riyals i.e. 10 thousand 800 rupees.


Visa fees increased

The Saudi government has paid the family visa fees to 2000 Riyals i.e. 36 thousand rupees. Earlier it was made for free. Single exit reentry visa fee was 3600 rupees for 1 year. Now its duration has been reduced to 2 months. After this, it will have to give 1800 rupees every month to increase it.


About 40% of Indians living in Saudi Arabia: About 32.5 lakh Indians are working in Saudi Arabia. Among them, the number of people in Kerala is around 40% and about 25% of the people of Telangana. After this there is a number of people from Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. The figure of how many Indians returned from Saudi Arabia has not been revealed yet, but according to Hyderabad schools, the sudden enrollment of NRI children has increased. This is also the case with Kerala’s schools.


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