School Bus Falls-In-Gorge Himachal

25 feet of school bus collapses in Kangra in Himachal, 25 killed, 15 injured

It is being said that the control of the driver was lost from the bus. After this, just 200 feet deep into the ditch.


On Monday evening, a school bus of 200 feet deep went into the ditch at Noorpur in Kangra district of Himachal. In this accident, 25 students died. The school was going to leave the children from the school. According to the initial information, 60 buses were aboard this bus. The death toll could increase.

When did the accident happen?


– Local people said that the incident happened near the village of Chindi village around 4 pm.


Which school was just?

According to media reports, the bus is from Ram Singh Pathania High Public School.


Cause of the accident


– It is said that the driver was lost control of the bus. After this, just 200 feet deep into the ditch.


– In this, driver Madan Singh died on the spot. He retired from the army.


Children were removed from the bus cutter by a gas cutter


– The accident was so painful that many children were trapped in the bus. To remove them, the bus had to be cut with a gas cutter.

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