Sheetala Ashtami 2018 In Shekhawati

Sheetala Ashtami 2018 SPECIAL: Cashew nut-almonds are also cheaper in front of Shekhawati’s dry fruits, Sheetala Ashtami has the highest importance


In it, the need for carr and sangri in Panchkoota vegetable is the most. In such a case, its sales remained strong.


Sikar : From the small gatherings to the wedding / parties, the taste of vegetable curry and sangri have been removed from the reach of the common man. Carr-sangri, which is a home-made vegetable, has now become special in the manganese place. While in the Shekhawati area where the carrage is abundant and the villages were found very rich, their demand is increasing so much that cashew nut and almonds have also become cheap in front of this Shekhawati’s dry fruits. Dry carries are sold for five to 1500 rupees per kg. The price of dry Sangari is also sold for Rs. 600 per kg. Soft dish is eaten to Sheetla Saptami, and in it the need of carr and sangri are most needed in Panchkoot’s vegetable. In such a case, its sales remained strong.


Shekhawati has been the stronghold of Carr-Sagari

Both Khajadi and Kair are desert plants. During the summer, these are fruitful. In the village, there is no value in the villages due to the abundance of these trees and trees in the ocean. There are thirty to fifty rupees in kilograms in the city. Drying costs up to three hundred rupees, but if demand increases to Sheetla Saptami then the price also touched the sky.


It’s worth

In the market, Carr 500-1200, Sangari 600, Kutte 150, Garbhar 150 and Amchur 400 rupees per kg. In Panchkoota, cashews, almonds and curries are added to taste with these indigenous vegetables, but they are less expensive.


Therefore importance

During Sheetla Saptami, carr-sangri and dried fruit vegetable are prepared in cold food. The curry made from the mixture of carr and sangri provides deliciousness during the summer season, with the tasty being delicious. In this case, it is a prominent place in the cold food made for Saptami.


Today will worship Sheetla Mata

Sikar. The festival will be celebrated on Friday in the zenith for the welfare of the family. Mothers will be treated with cold dishes. Earlier on Thursday the dishes were made in the houses. There was enthusiasm among women about the festival. According to Bhagwatacharya P. Ramawatra Mishra, the tradition of eating cold food by eating cold dishes, on Mother Sheetla Ashtami On Thursday, women made rabri, petha, suali, sweet rice etc. The fast is also kept for Sheetla Mata. Gindad will be held in the temple of Sheetla on Thursday. On this day, newly married women worship the potters after making clay and making pavilions.

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