Shekhawati festival 2018

Shekhawati’s Holi is  famous throughout the country


On coming closer to Holi, there is such an environment in the village village and Dhani-Dhani in the Shekhawati area. 

Shekhawati festival 2018 Sikar : Falgun is beginning to listen dhalal (folk songs) as soon as possible. The feet are beginning to tremble at the thighs of Ching and the tune with the flute of the flute begins to melt in the ears. On coming closer to Holi, there is such an environment in the village village and Dhani-Dhani in the Shekhawati area. Shekhawati’s Holi is a fessom throughout the country Especially Shekhawati’s Gandhenda Dance However, there is less enthusiasm among people about Holi in the day-to-day zones.


Chiang’s Sale started

With the start of the fun of the hangings, Ching and Bhup are also being sold in Shekhawati. Chung is made in large numbers in the Chinawat region of JhunjhununChing is being sent only to Shekhawati but other parts of Rajasthan.

Here is the Gindar Famus

The Gandhari dance of the whole Shekhawati zone is very liked, but the famous Ganand dance is famous in Ramgarh Shekhawati, Fatehpur Shekhawati, Mandawa, Jhunjhunun, Laxmangarh, Churu, Bissau and Rajaldasar.



Sikar Holi festivals celebrated in Falgun month will be celebrated on a March Friday. This time the special yoga will be done on Holika combustion. Pandit Ramvat Mishra said that Holi is becoming a Yoga formula this time. Besides, in the night at the time of Holika Dahan, there will be Triggeri Yoga in Virgo marriage. With the arrival of Holi, the fagotsav period will start in the templesHoli will be dumped in colors and gulals in the Lord Shri Krishna.

Shekhawati festival 2018 Sikar : The auspicious time for the Holika Combustion 2018

One March will be 9 am to 7 pm and 42 minutes in the evening. So it will be best to combine the Holika after seven to 42 minutes.
Holi Phagotsav of Sadbhavna Sanstha, 23.
Jhunjhunun The 24th Holi Phagotsav will be celebrated in the series of Holi Phagotsav, Organized annually on the occasion of the festival of Holi festival under the Samajik Samiti Sadbhav, with the fondness on the local Scout guide ground. Organizing Secretary Sudhakar Sharma and program coordinator Mahavir Prasad Saini said that in the fagotto program on February 23, at the 8th of February, the world famous kalabili dalit kamali saprea and party.
Presentations of colorful cultural programs of Dhhamal, Gindad etc. Will be presented by artists of local Dhup Ching Mandals including Subhash Saini of Jaipur and Ramgarh Shekhawati.

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