Sidhbali Baba Temple In Kotdwar, Uttarakhand

Recognition – No one returning from this Hanuman temple has become empty handed, till 2025, booking of Bhandara


Devotees’ wishes are fulfilled on worship in Siddhbali Hanuman temple.


Lord Hanuman is the most happy person in Kaliyuga. All the troubles of worship of Hanumanji, the defects of the horoscope get rid of the inauspicious effect of Saturn. That is why there is a crowd of devotees in the temples of Bajrangbali. Hanumanji has many miraculous temples throughout the country, where the devotees’ wishes are fulfilled on the go. One such temple is the Siddhbali Hanuman temple of Kotdwar. This temple is considered very miraculous. According to the prevailing belief here, devotees who fulfill the desires of Baba Hanuman, devotees make Bhandara here. From here no devotee returns empty-handed. Their number of devotees is so much that the booking of special stores that have been here has been completed for 2025. Here’s the special talk of the Siddhbali Hanuman Temple …


Sidhbali Baba Temple In Kotdwar, Uttarakhand

Where is Siddhbali Hanuman Temple

Kotdwar is situated in the Pauri region of Uttarakhand, which is also considered to be the entrance to Pauri. This area is situated on the banks of the Khao river in the foothills. There is mountainous terrain after Kotdwar. It comes in Garhwal district. About 3 km away from Kotdwar is the highway. This temple is situated on the edge of the river Khoah, about 40 meters high.


How to reach

Kotdwar is about 225 km from Delhi. It is easy to reach here via bus, train or car.


Know some other special things related to the temple

– It is said about the temple that long ago a Baba used to worship Hanumanji on this mound. Hanumanji gave him divine accomplishment. That is why Baba started to be called Sidhabali Baba. Baba founded the statue of Hanumanji here.

According to popular belief, a Muslim officer was passing through this area during the British rule, then he stayed somewhere in the Siddhbali temple. The officer had dreamed that the temple would be built near Sadhbali Baba’s Samadhi. If the officer told the people in the area, then people built a temple here.

– Earlier this temple was not very big. Gradually, this temple has become grand with the help of devotees.


Bhandara gets paid after completion of vowel

It is believed that Hanumanji fulfills all the wishes of the people here. In the prasad, jaggery, coconut and coconut are specially offered. There is a Bhandara for devotees on every Tuesday and Saturday. According to the news, here many devotees’ wishes are fulfilled that special stores have been booked till 2025.

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