This Sign In Foot Makes You A Big Officer

If You have this icon in the feet, then you can become a big officer


There are some symbols in the legs, the shape of the soles and the marks made on it can come to know whether you will become a big officer or not


There are many types of lines and marks in your hands, seeing a lot in life can be seen in astrology, they tell you things related to nature, futures, jobs, related problems with marriage, related problems, diseases and much more. Just as many lines of life are found by seeing the lines and symbols made in the hands, there are also the feet in the same way. There are many things that can be told by looking at the signs, feet, and seeing the mark on it. The tail is made of shape and it is a special mark, it is one of the traces of Trishul, seeing the marks of Trident, you will know what kind of job you will be doing. You can also find out how flexible you are in a job and what kind of position you can go to, how will the job be, when it will be good or not, it is tension for everyone, if it is in the job The tension of the talk is that whether there will be any promotion or not, sometimes one will become a big officer or not, here everything can be told by looking at this mark on the floor of the foot.

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