Sikar : 45 Family Evicted From Home In Reengus

45 families, who got evicted from Sikar, know the reason


During this time, people protested about the land lease


Rings : Following the order of the Rajasthan High Court in Patwar, the action to remove the encroachment by the administration continued on the second day on Sunday even as the leadership of SDM Brahmalal Jat, Tehsildar Suman Chaudhary and Development Officer Sampath Lal Saini continued. On the second day, with the help of three JCB machines, the administration took action against the raw encroachment of the village and removed 45 families out of 154 families completely from encroachment and evacuated from the land and leaving encroachment of the remaining families completely encroached on the remaining land. stripped of. During this time, people continued to oppose the land lease, saying that no one could save the poor from the poor due to the gram panchayat’s refusal of their own leases. The administration’s proceedings continued till late in the evening. In order to maintain law and order during this period, Rings police officer Sunil Kumar Gupta and Shrimadhopur police station Rajendra Rawat stayed in Patwari’s bass with police jeeps throughout the day.

Why did the habitat illegal and lease?


During the removal of encroachment, the villagers met and protested against the administration. During the meeting, the villagers decided that they have suffered heavy losses due to negligence of the village panchayat. When the settlement of residential colony was illegal on land, why were they then made permanent constructions after giving financial support to lease and Indira Houses? All the villagers have decided to go against the injustice being done to them and organize the Supreme Court’s door.


Talwar is still hanging on the entire settlement

Following the order of Rajasthan High Court, due to the action taken to remove the encroachment on 154 families, the administration has removed other constructions and four quarters by leaving the house, but if the court asks to vacate the entire land, then these families are close More than a thousand people have seen no solution other than leaving their shelter and leaving elsewhere. The encroachment in the Basa village of Tripura will be removed Scope of compliance proceedings report will be presented Monday at the District Collector Rajasthan High Court. Regarding the encroachment on the land of the village, a petition was filed by the Jath of the village through a public interest petition filed in the court and demanded to persuade him.


Deserted colony

Due to the two-day encroachment proceedings of the residential colony of village, due to the removal of encroachment, most of the streets of the village have satanata and all the streets have a lot of debris. If someone is seen outside the houses, their tears are not stopped by seeing their broken eyes. Santosh Devi and Saroj Devi of the village said that they had made wages on the intake kilns and made a place for the family to cover their head, for which they got assistance in Indira Housing, but now everything was wasted. However, sub-divisional officer Brahmalal Jat says that the action for the removal of encroachment will continue even further and there will be no discrimination in the encroachment.



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