Sikar : Dudu Festival Celecbrate Instead Holi Festival In Ganeshwar

Khul Ke Khhelo Holi: This village of Rajasthan is celebrated not only Dhulandi but is celebrated on the second day of Holi Dudu festival


HOLI 2018: Where across the country celebrates the festival of Holi in different ways.


Umesh Sharma, Ganeshwar (Sikar): The festival of colors is only a few days left for Holi. As the day of Holi is approaching, the preparations for the people are increasing as well. The shops in the market have been decorated with colorful paintings. The name of children’s favorite Doraemon is available in the market. Along with this, the sale of color gulas is also very strong. Where there are different ways of celebrating Holi celebrations across the country.


There is a village where there is no Dhuledi on the second day of Holi but the Dudu Festival is celebrated. Yes, we are talking about Ganeshwar village in Nimakathana, Sikar district of Rajasthan, where Dudu festival is celebrated on the second day of Holi. It is believed that in Vikram Samvat 1444, Baba Raisal had settled the abandoned village as Ganeshwar. On this day Baba Raisal Maharaj was the ruler of the kingdom. The fair is organized during this festival. In which 25 people from villages participate and Raisal Maharaj is worshiped. This tradition has been going on for nearly 500 years. On the second day of Holi, in the hands of rural hands, sword and zachia punish the temple of Raisal Maharaj and worship Maharaj as the village deity. After this the Dudu Fair is organized in the afternoon. There are many such competition, such as shooting, camel race, wrestling, and rioting.


Special puja on the day of Purnima

On the full moon day, there is a special puja in the temple of Gram Devta Raisal Maharaj. The devotees get here from far away to take blessings from the king. Apart from this, alliances are also being done in the temple. In the village, the new bride enters the house only after receiving the blessings of Shri Maharaj.


Laxdh village was found in the form of Ganeshwar

It is believed that in the year 1444, Vikram Samvat Baba Raisal Maharaj settled the abandoned village as Ganeshvar. The day of his reign is celebrated as the Dudu festival. The temple of Raisal Maharaj is located in the hill. Devas are organized on the day of Dudu Festival. Some villagers of the village say that even today, Baba Rayal Maharaj Galav Ganga rides on a mare on the Ganga Teerth Dham on Saturday night.


Holi is played on this day

In Ganeshwar village, the festival of Holi is celebrated on the day of Shitala Ashtami. Holi is played on this day from color gulal. Playing here with colors, Baba reaches the temple of Raisal Maharaj.

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