Sikar : Fake Bride Of Punjab Arrested By khandela police in sikar

OMG: Husband made his wife’s daughter-in-law, due to being extremely embarrassing and startling


This case of husband’s daughter-in-law has come out in the Khandela police station in Sikar district of Rajasthan. Its strings are connected to Punjab.


Everybody knows that in the marriage of Hindu customs, parents make a bride’s wedding, but here it is very strange. A husband married his wife and she became his brother. This dishonesty of relationships has been done only for fraud. The matter has come up in Khandela police station in Sikar district of Rajasthan. Its strings are connected from Khandela to Punjab.


This is the whole case


Ramnarayan Jat resident of Matha Dulhepura village, Khandela police station, recorded another case related to marrying two brothers with Rs 3 lakh on May 22, 2017.


– In the investigation of the case, it was revealed that Dalal Charanjit Singh alias Chana Sikh Jat, a resident of Faridkot in Punjab had married his wife, Babli aka Amandeep Kaur, to Ramnarayan.


Amandeep Kaur is the mother of two children. Not only that, according to Hindu custom, Chana Sikh also married his wife by becoming Amandeep Kaur’s brother in marriage.


After the rule, Amandeep came from Punjab to Dulhepura village of Rajasthan and settled with Ramnarayan.


In the beginning, everything was fine, but after three months Amandeep Kaur escaped with jewelery.


Many wedding weddings


The police investigation revealed that it is a fake gang. The gang has made a marriage in Sardar Nagar, Hanumangarh, Punjab in Dibwali and Khandela’s Math Dulheepura, and made a fake bride.


3 lakh rupees deal


Khandela Police Station’s ASI Dhunkal Singh said that Kaluram and his brother Ramnarayan got married in the year 2017 to conduct Phariadot resident, Charanjit alias Chana Jat for Rs 3 lakh. They also got married in rupees. But after 3 months, both women went back. On Thursday, a woman has arrested Nandar Kaur, a Dalila resident of Bathinda, on whose action. In the research, it has come to mention that Charanjit married his wife and married a woman taking a garbage reception.

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