Sikar : Froud Case In Shekhawati

Disclosure: Millions of Thousands of Thousands Revealed


Some of them say that in the name of employment, somebody gave jewelery to others while others gave loans on interest.


Jogendra Singh Gaur Sikar : Due to the high level of fat and fat paycheck, the pigeons are making the victims of Shekhawati youth cheating. The situation is that during the last three years, about one thousand cases of cheating and fraud have been filed in the name of sending foreign to Sikar, Churu and Jhunjhunun districts. The unemployed youth trapped them in their clutches and when they came to the country to send them abroad they became underground. In such a situation, the youngsters who have been victimized by the thug are now resorting to the recovery of their money at the police stations and then they are now diverging between these pigeon houses. Some of the youth say that employment? Some people had lent money on the name of someone else’s money.


The brokers did not send them abroad or their rupees, Lota. Here, the police is also carrying dip in the cases. Because of which their arrogance has ceased. However, there are about five people in the Shekhawati area. That is, currently living in the Gulf countries for employment.


Grab one lakh rupees


Ramjan Singh, son of Manoj Nitharwal, living in Chaudhary Charan Singh Nagar, told that Dalal Deepak Kumar, by offering temptation of Visa, smuggled one lakh 9800 rupees. In 2017, he removed the advertisement and declared the job of a Civil Engineer in Doha Qatar and assured him the salary of Rs 45 thousand per month. At first he got 30 thousand rupees in the name of getting medical. After a few days, after paying a whistle, 50 thousand taka and after paying the ticket, he paid Rs 36300. On the second day, he got a visa, then he was absconding by locking the travel. Turn off the mobile phone too. While half of the rupees were raised on interest and some rupees had kept it hard for the hard earned money. After the trial, the police is not taking any action against the accused.


Kept a passport


Shivlal of Narsara village of Fatehpur tehsil is accused that for the purpose of sending him to Dubai, the broker grabbed his 23,500 rupees and also kept his passport along with him. Eight months have been stuck or I am not planning to send him to Dubai and neither is his money looted. Whereas the settlement of rupees was given by selling the crop.


The five victims created simultaneously

Sikandar of Ramgarh including Kailash resident Kailash, Mulchand of Pabana, Dayachand of Dundlod and Ravikant of Mukandgarh have also looted millions of rupees in pigeon. In this, Kalaash had a cash component of 80 thousand rupees and more than the rest. Even after registering a case in Ranoli police station, the police could not even refund their money with the accused broker. While many of these passports are also held by the broker.


Had been busted

Last year, Pusil took action against these pigeons in Sikar and disclosed their falsifications. Which caught some fake people who took interviews and medical. But, after this the police have not reached the hands of those who cheated on the name of sending them abroad.


 45 thousand cheats

Abdul, of Mohalla Roshanganj, says that in the name of sending foreigners, the broker has also smuggled 45 thousand rupees from him. In Doha-Qatar, she had told about 25 thousand rupees per month for painting and labor work. After taking 3500 rupees for medical, the company’s offer also showed the letter and after that it turned out to be a rupee. The next assurance was given to send the next time. While the laborer took money on interest to send him abroad

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