Sikar News : Alert in sikar due to heavy rain on 12 july 2018

Collector house and water roaming in dozens of shops


Sikar. In the district along with Sikar city, it was rained for the second consecutive day on Thursday. This is the highest rainfall this season so far. Alam it was that the water in the water of Sikar district collector went under way. The situation in the lower areas is frightening. Rainfall like Mumbai from Sikar for two and a half hours.


Do not go to Nawalgarh Road

Sikar recorded 82 mm rain in 24 hours till 8 pm on Wednesday. Due to rain there water entered the house of District Collector Naresh Kumar Thakral. Shops on the Nawalgarh road were submerged halfway. In front of the Collector house, trying to stop the rain water by putting clay-laden cloves. Millions of rupees were lost. The police issued late night alert to no vehicle towards Navalgarh road.

Bajaj Road is also available

Here the rainy season in the city of Sikar opened the pollution control system on Nawalgarh Road and Bajaj Road. Traffic interrupted by filling the water. The water on the road from Sikar Jaipur Road to Rico was also flooded. There are three potholes in the middle of this route due to the danger of accident at all times.


Five bike missing, three were removed

Khandela In the town on the evening of Thursday evening, water was swept away in four to five feet high shops located in Chaupar Bazaar and Mandi Bazar and five bikes were washed away. The flow of water was so fast that the bikes left in the market were carried away. Three of the bikes were taken away after hardships and two were being searched.


Water in the drains coming from the Mandi Bazaar, the cinema hall of the town, went from one to half feet to two feet. On the other hand, water was flooded in many places, including Barisinhpura road, hospital way, which caused huge trouble in the traffic. 25 MM rain was recorded in the town.


Farmers are happy

With rain, Manuura dancing with the rain Their minds got swollen. Farmers’ faces are bloomed. On the faces of everyone troubled by the heat and humidity, they were delighted. It seemed as if it was Choumasa only. If the crops are getting a new life, the sowing area will also grow. The farmers who have not sown so far have gathered in sowing.


Sales of compost seeds increased

Almost fifteen days later, there has been a rush on fertilizer and sugar shops. At the same time, due to the heavy wind with rain, the tin shed flew away in many places. The drivers got a problem

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