Sikar News : Alwar Police Arest Dread Criminal With Lot Of Weapons

Alwar police arrested this dreaded criminal with the possession of illegal weapons, people breathed in relief


Alwar police has arrested a dreaded criminal along with the arms haul.


The police arrested three miscreants and caught hold of illegal arms from their possession. The accused had bought this weapon for ransom from Uttar Pradesh’s village Hatiya in Jaipur last year to seek revenge against those who beat them. Police have recovered a pistol, three native katts, ten cartridges and theft bike from the possession of the accused. One of these is the alleged vicious gangster, against whom many cases of robbery and poison in various places of Jaipur are registered. In these cases, the jail has already gone.


Mira police station in-charge Dharmasinh Chaudhary told that the informant was informed that three criminals were coming out with the help of weapons. Blockade was done on this. During this time, three people appeared on the bike from the Deg Road, who were interrogated and interrogated. On suspicion, he got a copy of the arms in the search. Arrested arrested Anhera Nadbai (Bharatpur), resident of Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur; Nawab’s son Nawab Khan, Pathana Nadbai (Bharatpur); Resident of Shaukat Ali’s son Kamru Khan and Rae Bareli UP Hal Vaishali Nagar Jaipur resident Mohammad Raha’s son Abdul Majid.


Vicious rascal is unbearable

Asruf is a vicious gangster. Against this, five cases of robbery and poisoning in Jaipur and Ajmer were registered. It was two years away from the prison on bail. In the police interrogation, Asraf said that he was doing poison and robbery for the last 5-7 years with his uncle Salim, Hakim alias Lukka and Ajmal’s civil line resident Sunil Sharma.


Asraf said that he had a fight with Aslam and Bobby Butcher in Jaipur. Both of them beat him up. To get his revenge, he was carrying arms with his colleagues, buying arms from the village of Hatia, Uttar Pradesh. The police is questioning the accused. There is a possibility of revealing many more cases from them.

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