Sikar News : Awarded Of Girls Mother

Awarded Of Girls Mother In Sikar


District Chief Aparna Rolan said that at the time of my birth, my grandfather had organized well worship


In the Beti Janmotsav program, Minister of State for Women and Child Development Anita Bhadel said that daughter is a lamp of two houses. They are destined to have a patio court in their home. He appealed all Anganwadi workers to take advantage of government schemes themselves. On Wednesday, there was a Beti Janmotsav program under the chairmanship of Sainik Board President Prem Singh Bajar in Paradaj Gardens, located on the campus of the city on behalf of Women and Child Development. Bajaur explained the dignity of the daughters and always gave the assured support to the Child Development Department. District Chief Aparna Rolan said that at the time of my birth, my grandfather organized a well worship. I had never faced discrimination in the family.


Earlier, the guests started the program. Many public representatives, officers and employees were present, including Patan Pradhan Santosh Gurjar, Counterpart of Leader Mahendra Goyal, Subdivision Officer Jagdish Gaur, Former Chattar Sangh President Neha Saini, Sawal Ram Yadav, Councilor Jodi Lodha, Naresh Sharma, Mahendra Somani, Corporator Writer Raj. Program organizer Child Development Project Officer Sanjay Chetani said that today we are watching the history of Nimkathana becoming history, when 251 girls and their mothers are being honored with a gift. Minister of State Bhadel and Bajaur honored CDPO Sanjay Chetani.


Beti Bachao Beti Padaho

To give excellent contribution in the Beti Bachao Beti Padaho on this occasion, Raj Kapil Hospital, Pediatrician Dr. RP Yadav, Hashampur Sarpanch, Vijender Singh and others were honored. Bhadel said that for the daughters of every village Dhanani to be educated, the government has opened the school at every panchayat. He also explained about the assistance given from the birth of daughter to the full education.
The women Dhanalakshmi Prosperity Center on Bhodoli Road also laid the foundation stones in the morning. CDPO Sanjay Chetani said that the center will be built at a cost of Rs 24 lakhs. In which there will be a place for sale of items produced by women self-help groups of Neem Kathana block such as bags, handbags, papad-mongois, many handmade items.


Along with this, the students of the tribe can also run their training skills for skill development for women, and also by the department. During this period, many people including Sarpanch Madhubala, former Sarpanch Babulal Gurjar, Mahavir Yadav, Dilip Yadav, Development Officer Sumer Singh, Hari Saini, Deepak Mahajan, Parshad Rudlal Saini, Mahendra Somani, Subhash Kumar, Mannalal Saini were present.

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