Sikar News : Balaji Temple save electricians from electric shock in sikar

Here in Rajasthan, Balaji Temple save electricians from electric shock, know how?


A unique tradition has come to the rescue of the employees in the office of Sikar, Ajmer Power Distribution Corporation. Hanumanji is kept happy to keep the electric staff of Seeker happy. For this, a customary temple is also established in the Sector of Power Corporation office. Every year, the employees of the corporation pay a small amount of money and offer their charity.


Yes, yes, this is the powerhouse office located near Sikar City Dispensary No. 2, which is supposedly run by the wishes of Hanumanji. Bajrang Bali has been entrusted with the responsibility of protecting the staff for the last 20 years. In the case of AEN Sanjeev Pariik, it is said that in the temple of Hanumanji has become the tradition of religious organizing office for the safety of employees.

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