Sikar News: Chaitra ekadashi mela 2018

LIVE : Khatu Shyam ji Chaitra ekadashi mela 2018


Khatu Shyam ji Chaitra ekadashi meela 2018: Baba Shyam’s two-day monthly fair in Khatushyamji has started with pompous Tuesday.


Khatu Shyam Ji : Baba Shyam’s two-day monthly fair in Khatosheyamji has begun with pompous Tuesday. Lakhs of pilgrims who reached Khatudham across the country on the Ekadashi of Chaitra, on the Ekadashi day, are wishing for prosperity in the family by placing their offerings in the courts of Lord God and Lord Goddess Baba Shyam.


Khatu Shyam ji : View of Khatushyamji Mela

Since morning, conditions have come from main fair grounds and bribery pilgrims engaged in temple complex. The devotees engaged in the queues are moving towards the temple by placing many hail like Jay, Lakhdatar ji, with the help of losers.


Many devotees walking on the path from the Rings, and in many hands, the Shyam mark is reaching the Petropolitan court. Here, many devotees are making a complete dedication by placing a dip in Shri Shyam Kund. Good arrangement has been made for the devotees who attend the fair on behalf of Shri Shyam Mandir Committee. The festival will be concluded tomorrow morning.


Khatu Shyam ji : Ancient Shyam Mandir

Shrimadhopur Due to the name of religion of the subdivision, Nagri (small Kashi), the ancient Shyam temple situated in Mundur village, auspiciousness in Chaitra Ekadashi. Temple priest Ramchandra Das told that Baba’s make-up was done with flowers coming from Calcutta on Ekadashi.


The devotees of Calcutta, Delhi, UP, Shahpura, Jaipur, Dausa, Bandikui and Shrimadhopur sought the blessings of Baba after seeing it. Bajrang Lal said that for the ancient Shyam temple, a free bus is being set up from Shrimadhopur to every Ekadashi, in which hundreds of devotees brought shish at Baba’s rate.


In the journey, the atmosphere became synonymous with the songs of Shyambab by the Mahila Mandal. Hundreds of women and children including Pawan Sharma, Tarachand Jangid, Shyam Pansari, Shobhsh Singh Shekhawat, Maheshchandra Pappdvala, Gopal Nangalka, Budviprakash Gokulka, Ramlakhan Mammodia, Gigaraj Mahala, Vinayak Indora, Arush Kashyap, and others in the journey sought the blessings of Baba Shyam.


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