Sikar News : Churu Jhunjhunun to get irrigation or Sikar drinking water from Yamuna

Churu-Jhunjhunun to get irrigation and Sikar drinking water from Yamuna by this route


This is the greatest good news for Shekhawati. This part of Rajasthan, which is part of the dark zone, is also going to fulfill the years-old demand. Now that day is not far in Sikar, Churu and Jhunjhunun district of Shekhawati, when Yamuna’s water will be sown in the fields and Yamuna’s water will be available for drinking at home. Rajasthan and Haryana government have stepped up their steps to quench the water of Yamuna from the thirst of these three districts of Shekhawati.


Ariel survey done in Shekhawati

After the agreement reached Yamuna water from Haryana in March this year, the state government has done an aerial survey. For this, the state government had to seek permission from the three bodies of the Army besides the Ministry of Defense. This important scheme of twenty thousand crores has increased the possibility of further work start. Yamuna waters had been signed between the five states in 1994, in which 3198 cusec water was allocated to Rajasthan. This case was in the limelight for 25 years due to Haryana’s objection to the deal.


Water will come from the fresh head

Water Resources Minister Dr. Ram Pratap said that the work of the Ariel Survey has been completed fifteen days earlier. Now, further work will be started on the plan. According to the Detail Project Report (DPR) for providing Yamuna water to three districts of the state, Yamuna water will be supplied through the pipes from Haryana’s Tahajwalla Head to the three districts.

Drop-down method is essential for irrigation

Churu and Jhunjhun districts will get irrigation facility with drinking water from Yamuna water whereas Sikar will be given water for drinking water. It is mandatory to adopt drop-down irrigation system for irrigation. Yamuna water will be collected after 7 kilometers of Raghgur in Churu and making such a wide dam. From there the water supply to the three districts will be through pipeline.


What is Yamuna Water Treaty

In 1994, for Yamuna waters, there was an inter state agreement between five states of Rajasthan, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal and Haryana. Under the agreement, Rajasthan was allocated 1.119 billion cusec meter (BCM) i.e. 3198 cusec water. Of this, it is decided to give 1281 cusec water to Bharatpur from Okhla Head and 1917 cusec water from Tahajwala head to Churu, Sikar and Jhunjhunun districts. After the concerted Haryana Government’s repeated protests, the Rajasthan could not get its share of water till today. In the seventh meeting of Upper Yamuna Review Committee on 15th February, Union Water Resources Minister and Chairman of Upper Yamuna Review Committee, Nitin Gadkari dismissed the Haryana’s objection and directed the Rajasthan government to make detailed project report (DPR).


CM Raje announced in March 2018

The Chief Minister announced that on March 28 this year, the Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje, who was on a tour of Sriganganagar assembly constituency on March 28, inaugurated the mini secretariat in Sriganganagar, on the other side of the plan to get Yamuna water of Churu, Sikar and Jhunjhun districts. Was announced.


Water is still far

Rashtriya Yashwadhan Singh, who has petitioned in the High Court on delaying the scheme for providing drinking water and irrigation water to irrigation three districts of Rajasthan, said Yashwadrandan Singh has said that Yamuna’s water is now far away. He says that after the Detail Project Report, the Ariel Survey is misusing the government money. The government is proposing to agree to water the Haryana government to take advantage of the assembly elections.

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