Sikar News : Drinking Water Problem In Sikar District

There is no doubt that the water will not get any water, it is the reason


Drinking water supply in the city will be affected on Wednesday due to burning of the three boasters fired in Udalal Dhan.


The trouble of the residents of the city who are already craving for water is going to grow further. Drinking water supply in the city will be affected on Wednesday due to burning of the three boasters fired in Udalal Dhan. With the help of these boosters, the water storage tank was supplied in high reservoirs. But due to the burning of the boosters, the system has got disrupted. The team team managed to repair the booters all day on Tuesday, but there was no success till late night. Even after burning the booster in summer season, the district administration is unable to provide any relief by interfering.


Supply was affected on many areas of the city on Tuesday. For this reason, many families have to make a drip after placing tankers. Assistant Engineer of Water Supply Department informed that after the booster closure, Shastri Nagar, Housing Board, Rani Shakti Road, in front of the Bescope, near Rishikul Marg, Sheetla Road, near Ghumghar, Patiala lane, Ajmer Stand, Ramlila Maidan, Dev Gas Warehouse, Supply in many areas including Rampura Road, Harijan Basti, Mohishro of Bisaiti, Kotwali Road, Sheikhpura, Station Road, Chandpole Gate Area, Karmesar Mohalla, Durga Colony Will not be renewed. Water Supply Department’s Executive Engineer JP Goud claimed that drinking water could be supplied in the evening in case of booster replacement.


In order to keep the drinking water supply system smooth during the heavy summer, the department has not made any solid preparation beforehand. The result of this is that the marginalization of just three boosters, half the people of the city, will pay on Wednesday. The city dwellers say that the department should keep such equipment in the store so that the system is maintained.

Fast for two days from Ward

Sikar. Ward 20, in the Jato Chowk outside Chandpole Gate, the wards have been longing for a drop of water from the last two days. There is no water to wash away bathing in homes. Locally resident college lecturer Pawan Kumar Taylor says that for a long time only 15 minutes water came in 24 hours. He has not been coming for the last two days. 15 days ago, the warders went to the water supply department and performed it. So much water was supplied to the ward for two days. But then there are the same conditions of drinking water. According to voter list, there are more than 25 hundred people population in the ward.

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