Sikar News : Due To Stockist Price Increase Of Onion

The onion handled by the stockists, the impaired budget


Increased prices of hoarding, 13-14 in bulk and 20 to 25 in retail


After two months, the crop is on the verandah, the stockists have kept the onion stock in farmers’ farms. It has been done that in the mandis only good quality of onion has come down.


The impact of the supply of onion in the mandis across the country has started to appear in the wholesale wholesale and retail markets. Due to the daily requirement of onions is to be handed over to stockists. From this the prices of onions have started to increase. In the Sikar Bulk Market, the wholesale prices of onions were said to be worth 560 rupees on Tuesday. After several years, the budget of the kitchen is rapidly deteriorating in July. Here many stockists have put onion stock in farmers’ fields. It has been done that in the mandis only good quality of onion has come down. It is worth mentioning that onion has been sown in 18 thousand five hundred hectares this year in Shekhawati.


Due to fast

Onion becomes bad when it rains. Onion prices are fast. For this reason the farmers started to stop onions. From this the prices of onions have risen. Bulk trader Nemichand Dujod said that due to the expectation of good prices, stockists and farmers are also supplying less onion in the mandi or open market. In Sikar Bulk Mandi, onion prices went up by 13 to 14 rupees and retail at Rs 20-25 per kg on Tuesday.


Here’s the emphasis of stockists

Stockists still more active in these areas due to having good onions in rocky soil areas in Sikar district. If wholesale and retailers of Sikar believe that there is a lot of onion stock in the fields in Lochal, Manda, Gurara, Guhala, Udaipurwati, Khatushyamji, Palasana etc. in the district. Though being kept in a farmer’s farm, it is difficult to prove the onion of the trader. At this time the onion of Kuchaman, Ranoli area is coming in the wholesale market.


Now look at the next crop

The onion produced in the district runs for November month. During this time, there is no increase in the new onions. The wholesale traders believe that the farmers are bringing low quality onion at this time. Stocking of good quality onions This will require an expensive onion to the commoner to Deepawali. However, after consumption of onion in UP, Punjab and Haryana after the rains, the prices have risen despite this.

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