Sikar News : First daughter born to mothers of honor

First daughter born to mothers of honor in ajmeedh dham


Living mother At the 9th Raising Day celebration of Maharaja Ajmer Dham, located at the corner of the road, people received a resolution to save the daughter. In the last one year, about 45 mothers who gave birth to daughter in the form of first offspring were felicitated with the help of Samundra Singh Kachera Pilani. On this occasion, Balika Payal Soni of Shrimadhopur delivered the message of girl child. Likewise, the guests also called the daughter Bachao Abhiyan for the time being demanded by the society for the promotion of girl child.


Under this two-day event, the grand Kalash Yatra was unveiled from Jagadamba Dharamshala to Ajmer Dham on Tuesday, in which hundreds of people from Swarnakara Samaj took part. After this Ravavas Pithadishwar Raghavacharya Maharaj said that the money taken in the social service is worthwhile and that we should all cooperate with the tan, mind and wealth in the welfare of the society and society.


Chief guest Pawan Verma was honored by the talented students of the society in the presence of the President of Balvinder Singh, President, Shri Ajmer Singh Smriti Janakalyan Sansthan, President of Rajasthan Pradesh, Shri.


In the function, hundreds of community members from across the country, including senior vice-president of the Institute, Bardi Chand Roda, Vice President Mahavir Jatavat, Maha Narayan Naranoli, Treasurer Devakaran Festival, BJP’s Janmata Mandal OBC Front President Shankarlal Soni Ralavata attended the function. Special associates were honored with the combination of Institution Chairperson Prabudhoyal Dos at Samareh.


The workers of the party are the workers’ workers have expressed their displeasure over not working

Workers are the backbone of the party. Without actively participating activists, the organization and power can not be established. Workers should be united by forgetting mutual differences. Workers expressed resentment over not being too busy Shaheed Bhairu Ram has set several other demands including gradual conversion of secondary school to senior secondary school and up gradation of state model PHC to CHC.


In the meeting, the Booth Expansion in Jaipur division’s in-charge Om Saraswat, in the meeting of the BJP workers in Mundhra While addressing the workers, he said that the BJP government has tried to fulfill the promises made in the election manifesto and fulfill it. Establishing dimensions of development by connecting rural areas with roads and other amenities. During this time hundreds of BJP workers including Nathuram Parasoya, Mohan Lal Saini, Nathuram Duddolia Badri Prasad Saini, Gigaram Parsoya, Chetram Saini, Vaidya Nathulal Sharma welcomed Saraswat.

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