Sikar News : Flower Farming In Sikar

In these strategies, they are earning millions of rupees by raising these special flowers.


Flowers are being cultivated in many places including Beri, Gokulpura, Shyampura, Dujod, Teesar, Kudan, Raghunathpura and Lossel in Sikar.


Two decades ago, the Sikar District, which used to make Gulab and other flowers from Choumun and Jaipur, became self-sufficient in the flower business. In most adjoining areas of Sikar, there are many varieties of rose, muga, and Dutch everyday flowers. The farmers of the district are supplying flowers in Delhi, Jaipur, Bikaner and Churu districts. Gulab’s area has reached more than 250 hectares at present. The business of flowers has grown more than Rs. 70 lakhs in the month. In weddings and seasons it becomes more than one crore rupees.

Money in cash

Due to low yields and lower yielding area, flower cultivation has become a cash crop for the farmers. At this time, flowers are cultivated in Sikar at various places including Beri, Gokulpura, Shyampura, Dujod, Teesar, Kudan, Raghunathpura, Lokal area. According to farmer Shishupal Singh, one per acre is obtained from the cultivation of roses from a per-bigha land in one year.


This is difference

Pushkar’s rose color is light compared to Ganganagari rose. Apart from this, the main reason behind the sowing of this rose is to have a deeper and stronger association with the other. It does not spoil it in the appropriate environment for five to six days.


Seekers come from other districts

The bidding started in 2001 in the belghar area of ​​the city as Flower Mandi. In the first Sikar every afternoon only flowers came from other districts. For this, the traders had to go to Jaipur or Ajmer in the morning. While the situation has reversed. Every day in the bellage is a bazaar in the flower market. Where the traders from other districts come.

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