Sikar News : Growing Infertility In Animal

Inadequate use of hormonal injection, being infertile animals, growing infertility in animals


Precious livestock of animal husbandry is only once infertile by getting pregnant.


Sikar. With the government ignoring the claims of being aware of the health of animals, dozens of milk animals are becoming victims of infertility every day in the state. This is due to the injection of hydroccicone progesterone hormone in the name of ‘cold injection’ in animals. This has started to deteriorate the situation of the dairy industry. Precious livestock of animal husbandry is only once infertile by getting pregnant. The special thing is that despite the information of the responsible, it is being sold in open grocery stores openly.


Selling on grocery stores untrained use of it


This hormonal injection is used when performing artificial insemination in veterinary clinics. For example, in the cold injection market the price is 90 to 130 rupees. By taking injection of untrained sterilized water and taking up to 200 rupees from the livestock. This is the reason why there is a huge demand for this injection in areas having a high number of artificial insemination.


Consumption increased in two years


Hydroxy progesterone injections are given in the Chief Minister’s Livestock Free Medication Scheme. If the veterinarians believe that this drug should be used only in a balanced quantity. The use of this drug has an effect on the pregnancy capacity of milk animals. Many times the animals become infertile.


Focus on completing the goal


Dairy operators alleged that the Animal Husbandry Department takes up the camp to complete the target by completing the camp but does not give information about the quantity of drugs and its impact-side effects to the cattle-eaters. Without the knowledge of this matter of the cattle, the untrained use of this injection is done without any need for it.

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