Sikar News : Heavy Rain In Sikar Rajasthan

Heavy rain in Sikar Rajasthan, lower area drown in rainwater.


Rainfall is going on in many parts of the country, including Mumbai. 55 people have come to know Meanwhile, Sikar in Rajasthan also received heavy rains. In many low-lying areas there have been circumstances like Mumbai. Although the situation is in control.


Rainfall took place on Sikar district headquarters on Wednesday night. The Meteorological Department has recorded 44 mm rain in Sikar and its vicinity. On the other hand, in the subdivision area along with Nimkathana town of the district, it gets rains for half an hour in the evening after tapping throughout the day. According to the data of Tehsil office, the area has received an average rainfall of about 45 mm. Roads in Nimakathana became the rivers Water is flooded in the front and the campus of the most political SNKP college With the rains, the farmers of the area have been happy with the faces.


The Ganeshwar village, including Khadra, Gaavadi and Bhodoli areas, also received heavy rain in the last fifty days. The water of the mountains reached the Anukits and the dams through the streams. On rainy modes after rain, the Kasavati river came to see the water with speed. River water reached the acne of the area.


Here, 29 mm rainfall was recorded on Wednesday. It has rejuvenated the crops. Here, people have been relieved from the heat due to the drop in temperature after heavy rains. The place was filled with water due to rain in the town. On the other hand, rain has brought joy to the faces of the farmers even after the crop was sown for several days, there was a gaze in the sky for rain.


Rain in Dantarmgarh also

Dantarmagarh In Dantarmagarh area, the rain started in the evening, which was stopped till late. There is a cloud throughout the day.


Laxmangarh In rainy season in the town where the faces of farmers were blown, on the other side the water level became waterlogged. People have trouble with filling water on Mukundgarh Marg, Railway Station Road, road behind Raghunath Balika School, Modi College Road, SDM Court Road and other major routes.

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