Sikar News In Hindi:Dowry Less Marriage in Sikar-Jhunjhnu

Dowry Less Marriage in Sikar-Jhunjhnu by Nagaur Rajput Family

A family of Sikar has presented a precedent for the greedy people of dowry. According to information, the son of Mehrauli Pahlad Singh, son of Vikram Singh, returned 1.5 lakh rupees found in the vaccine in his marriage and presented a new example in front of society and married without dowry also told that marriage without dowry possible. When he was being given the amount of vaccine, Tau Ram Singh of the groom returned Rs 1.5 lakhs and told the father of the girl that he only needs one rupee and coconut in the dowry. On which the bride’s father joined hands. And he sent them a rupee and coconut. Prahlad’s younger brother Ishwar Singh did not want to take dowry and give it The other members of the family, Umaid Singh, Kishore Singh, Bahadur Singh and Dilip Singh also gladly accepted.

Jhunjhnu News:This Rajput of Jhunjhunu also presented the example

A Rajput groom, who has a government job in Kolali village of Jhunjhunun district, refused to take five lakh rupees in dowry. This admirable step of groom is a matter of discussion in the entire Shekhawati and Rajput society. Jaideep Singh resident of Kaimasar village in Nagaur district is working in the accounting department of Air Force. Jaideep’s father Laxman Singh retires as the bank manager At present the family lives in Ahmedabad. On Tuesday, Jaideep was married to Pallavi, daughter of Dilip Singh of Kolali village of Jhunjhunun district. In the marriage, the father-in-law of his father-in-law wanted to give him a dowry full of five lakh rupees as ominous. On this, Jaideep joined hands in front of father-in-law and refused to dowry. On this decision, the bride-groom wanted to know the opinion of his family. Then Jaideep’s father Lakshman Singh also said that he will not take dowry in his son’s marriage. The father-son said that his family is against dowry.


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