Sikar news : IPL Match Bookies Arrested In Jhunjhunu

The speculators who bet on the matches in the IPL are such a troop holder, nationally attached to their strings


The police arrested two people at around 8:30 pm on Friday for betting on millions of rupees in IPL matches.


Khetri Nagar : The police arrested two people at around 8:30 pm on Friday for betting on millions of rupees in IPL matches. On the information of the informer, the police, led by Khetadi DSP Virendra Meena, from the search warrant at Saini Hotel in Singha bypass, police officer Dharmendra Meena and Special Team ASI Virendra Yadav searched the hotel after siege the hotel. In search of the rooms of the third floor of the hotel, the accused arrested Sunil Jat and Mukesh Jat, a resident of Vadde (Haryana), Chandni police station and seized one LED TV, 12 mobile, 9040 rupees and other belongings from the possession of the accused. The accused also seized the accounts of the bribe of millions of rupees.

Wired on national level

The wires of betting speculators on the matches in IPL are linked to the national level. In this case, the police is trying to reach every door. Police officer Dharmendra Meena told that the accused are being questioned intensely. The accused’s wires are connected till then the police is engaged in interrogation with the intensity of this matter.

These were in the team

In the police team that caught the bookies in the IPL match, Khetri DSP Virender Meena, Station Officer Dharmendra Meena, Special Team ASI Virendra Yadav, Hand Constable Kalyansinh, Mahesh Kumar, Roshan, Rakesh, Satyavir, Rohitash, Ramashankar, Shailesh were involved in the match.


Plot accused of forcible occupation

Mukundgarh A case has been registered in police station for allegedly forcibly seizing the plot and removing classical abuses. According to the police, the village Dundlod resident Laxmadevi Meghwal has reported that on the night of April 2, Mulchand, Uttam, Kamchand, Ratni Devi, Hanumanaram and 10-15 other accused of the village got together forcibly occupying the Kageshotsuda plot. The accused also cast racist abuse and threatened and scared him away from there.

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