Sikar News : Maharao Shekha Ji History

Army Training Academy to be opened near the memorial of Shekhawati founder Sheikh


Rao shekha ji: 530th Nirvana Diwas celebrated in Ralawati, will be opened near Sheikhjibi Memorial in Rajasthan Military Training Academy.


Maharao Sheikh was the ultimate objective of the social values ​​like welfare and secularism of the society, and he presented women with respect to women’s honor. In such a situation, he would be a true pardon to reach the people of Mahabharata’s theories of the founder and great personality of the Shekhawati.


The above thoughts were expressed by Rao Rajendrasinh, the Chairman of the Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha and the Chairman of the Maharashak Shekaji Institute, in a meeting organized on 530th Nirvana Diary of the founder of Shekhawati, founder of 530th Nirvana.


He expressed his gratitude to the Chief Minister on the announcement of opening of Military Training Academy near Panorama and Shekaji Memorial based on the life philosophy of Shekhaji in Amritsar.


He said that this academy will give new opportunities to revive the culture of the people of the people of the field and the opportunities for more youth will be available in the army. Rao told that the academy will be up till June.


Historian Mahavir Purohit said that Maharaja Shikaji had prepared a secular constitution with Pooni Pathans 550 years ago and followed his life immediately.


The Secretary of the Institute, Sampat Singh Dhaura, said that Sheikh was not only a Rajput society but also an era of all society and all the society bowed down to Shakhaji with reverence as a respected woman and a brave man.


In such a way, by joining the Shikhaaji Sansthan, all his personalities should reach the general public. He told that at the place of Nirvana, the two sons of Shakhaji will be built till Dakhaji and Purnaji memorial also.


During this, the speakers also demanded to make land available to the state government for setting up a statue of Maharaja Shekhaji near Sheikhjikal Circle located in Jaipur.


In the program, the retired Deputy Inspector General of Registration and Rathore with Godavari, BJP District Vice President Babusinh Bajaur, Jaysinh Bidoli, Prabhu Singh Gogavas, Assistant Director Continuing Education Pramod Sharma, President Pragod Singhania, Agarwal Pratikraman, former Member of RPSC Shivpal Singh Nangal, Sarpanch Ashok Singh, Bhim Singh Singh Milva , Gordhan Singh Diwala etc. were present.

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