Sikar News : Mansion Of Story Motila Jhunjhumwala On World Heritage Day 2018

The world famous King of Silver did not even think that this would be the case of his Asiaans


Special on Archeology Day: Artwork and texture of the famous Shekhawati havelis, and the artistry and texture of the outside entrance are unmatched.


The artistry and texture of the famous open art gallery Shekhawati’s havelis, pictures, doors, windows, and exterior entrances across the world are unmatched. In the town of Motilal Jhunjhununvala’s mansion, it is losing about its original identity in the absence of large king-house mansion, with bigger chowk, ventilated windows and reservoir house, and beautiful king pictures with beautiful murals, in the middle of the 8-year-old huge courtyard rooms. The entrance of the mansion also introduces the original form of the Shikawati’s finder wall paintings style. In these deviations, the pictures of Ramayana, Bhagwat Puran, Rasik Priya and Geet Govind are prominent.


If Malasisar is registered on the tourist map of the township, then perhaps even here tourists come to see the pleasant havelis, then go back to the day of these havelis and umbrellas. The umbrellas made of beautiful and mural paintings on the wells of Banka near the Shani temple near the Shani Mandir and the well near the bus stand are now on the verge of collapse. Apart from these, there are magnificent murals painted in dozens of havelis, including the shenariana mansion, the Kadis’ mansion, the bank’s mansion. The pictures of Sagar Mandnahanka are still famous today. People are demanding that the administration of Malasisar town should be developed by the Department of Tourism or the Department of Veterinary Department shortly after the administration.


Silver King, said


Seth Motilal Jhunjhununwala, born in the city of Malsisar, was once called Silver King in the Mumbai market. Because they used to buy all the silver ingredients in the market, then they sold in the most favorable moments of their choice; Seth Motilal College was also operated at Jhunjhunun district headquarters.


They say

The shabby state of the town’s havelis is worrisome. Those whose care is necessary otherwise the ancient and historical havelis will be left only in memories.


Giridhar Red Pull, Principal Pans Alsisar – Because of the ancient and artistic beauty of the region, the havelis and murals made in the area are not being maintained, the town is losing its identity. Their care is very important.


Bismillah Chauhan, Sarpanch Malseesar & Malseer Kasba are still backward in the tourism sector. The reason for this is that there is no one to look after the havelis. If the administration gets momentum in this area, then the town can get a boost in tourism sector.


Many historic buildings, including Dr. Madhusudan Sharma, Malasisar-Haveli, are losing their original form. Due to the ignorance of Department of Tourism and the Department of Archeology, the area is being lagged behind in terms of tourism.

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