Sikar News : The Market Rising Onions

Onion 35 to 15 rupees, Farmen Desperation: Rs 9 instead of Rs 9


Reason 1: Demand in the markets of Delhi and UP is coming down due to slowdown in the market prices, Reason 2: Onions are constantly growing in the market


Sikar. The new crop of onions brought disappointment on the faces of farmers, then relief for the common consumer. With the arrival of new crop, in the retail market a month ago, the onion selling 30 to 35 rupees per kg was now sold for Rs 12-15 per kg. If there is talk of wholesale prices, the wholesale prices of onion were upto 15 to 16 rupees till the first week of February in Mandi. In the mandi, prices of new onions have come down to 7-8 rupees per kg. The wholesale prices are being spoken from 7 to 9 rupees per kg.

Given the steady decline in the prices here, the patience of the farmers is breaking down. In order to take good esteem, many farmers are harvesting raw crops from the fields and they are selling them in the market. According to traders, the main reason for the huge decline in bulk and retail prices of onion is inward demand in the market and decrease in demand rather than onion demand in Delhi and UP mandis. Considering business arrivals and consumption, the wholesale market of Onion is currently showing a slump in the market.


In the 10 days onion arrival in 2000, 25000 hectares reached


Onion business is reaching peak at Sikar Mandi. In the Mandi, the figure of arrivals in the last 10 days starts from 2000 to 25000 pounds per day. According to trader Jagdish Malasi, there is no possibility of a special improvement in the wholesale prices of onions in the mandis at the Mandi in view of the arrival. In Sikar Mandi, onion has started coming in more than half a dozen villages, including Rasidpura, Malassi, Khudi and Dhod.


This time too the loss is being proved for the farmers of the district onion crop

If the prices are declining, then for the farmers like this last year, the onion crop could prove to be a loss deal. Because in the case of prices below 10 rupees per kilo, the cost of the farmer is realized only. Farmers Raman Singh and Mahesh Kumar say that the cost of production of onion is coming up to eight rupees per kg. At present, the farmers’ onion is selling only for seven to 9 rupees. In this case, onion for the farmer is currently in the position of No No No Profit.


Business Speak- Prices Can Improve By the end of March

According to traders, the possibility of an increase in wholesale prices of onion is being announced till the last fortnight of March. This is because the onion businessmen of other states have not started reaching the mandi. The second reason is that the harvesting phase has started. In such a case the onion is getting moisture. In such a way, there is a problem in long distance transport.

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