Sikar News : Mixed in government pharmaceuticals

Careful : Mixed in government pharmaceuticals


In addition to strengthening bones and preventing infections in the body, the addition of medicines has also been caught in the ear medicines. In such cases, the question of free medicines given to patients in government hospitals has been raised. However, in the investigation report, these government medicines have been banned for distribution of sample samples.


The mercurial poison that is being consumed in medicine is that 14 types of medicines sold at the private medical stores prepared by the companies have also come under the deficiency in the inquiry report. It can be estimated from the fact that the medicine given to cure the patient is not pushing him towards a new disease.


It did not get off

Samples of septicazine injection, including Calcium Vitamin 3, Neomycin Poli Mixin B & Hydroctrion, to be given to patients on government drug counters on behalf of the Department of Drug Control, were sent for inspection. According to department officials, they have been told as sub-standard in the inquiry report. Apart from this, the antibiotic drug, Kotrai Moxajol, which has been used by animals in government veterinary clinics, has not been able to meet the fixed standards.


The sale of these medicines has also been banned if there is a problem in the investigation report. Enhancing the weak bone, eliminating the ear and body infection and medicines given as antibiotic.


More likely

220 samples of medicines collected from the district were sent to Jaipur to check the medicinal control department. Of these, 102 samples have been examined by the report department. While the investigation report of drug samples is yet to come. The Department fears that many types of drug samples may fail in them. In the report so far, out of three samples of government medicines and 14 samples of private companies have come out.


Warn department on disturbances

In order to stop supply of sub-standard drugs in the market, the department has increased the rights of the medicinal control officers to change the rules. Under the new orders, they will no longer have to take permission from the Directorate to inspect the drug store. These rights have been entrusted to investigate 20 shops in a month. To get the information of adulteration, samples should be collected and tested by the relevant firm.


Prompt staff

The department has recently appointed four new drug inspectors in Sikar district for the arrest of counterfeit drugs. Among these, responsibility has been entrusted to Lata Bharti, Sarita Meena, Madhav Singh and Gajanand Kumawat. They will be allotted two-two tehsils of the district and 1600 medical stores located in them.


Government and private medicines have come down with deficiency in the drug samples sent for the investigation. The rest of the specimens are also being awaiting their sale by banning them. Which included many drug samples sent almost two years ago.

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