Sikar News : Nagar council committee buried in paper

Nagar council committee buried in paper


Just two meetings after the formation


Sikar. Committees formed for the development of the city in the city council have been buried in the paper itself. It is a matter of fact that even after the ten months of the formation of the committees the meeting has been held only twice. Most of the proposals sent to the committees are also pending. The board of the city council is developing itself with its own ambition. With no meeting of the committees, the people of select wards only get the benefit of the work done by the city council. It is noteworthy that in the matter of not constituting the committees in the time bound by the Board in the city council, the government intervened and formed 13 committees.

13 Committees

13 committees were formed, including the Finance Committee, Health and Sanitation, Building Construction and Permission, Environment and Horticulture Committee, Crime and Transmission Agreement Committee, Kutchi Basti Committee, Illing Committee, Encroachment Committee, Executive Committee and Cultural Committee.

These developments are getting affected

Due to lack of opinion of the committees in the city council, the meeting of the basic committees has been confined to selected people only. Experts said that the problems of cleanliness, light and roads are standing in the left wing of most of the city’s wards. If opinions were taken in time meetings, people do not have to turn around the circle for the need of sanitation, building acceptance in the city. At the same time people get rid of trouble.

The basis of development is therefore necessary

For the speed of urban development, arrangements for the formation of committees were made in the municipal bodies. On the meeting with the members of these committees to solve the city’s fiery problems, the development work being done by the Council is being monitored and balanced development in the city. At the same time, the work of the people who made round about the problems of lease, encroachment, construction and cleaning in the city council were completed on time. However the meeting of the Finance Committee is called due to the inevitability of acceptance.


Meetings of committees are not meeting for the development of the Empower Committee. The work of development is being approved through Empower Committee.

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