Sikar News : Negligence Of Water Department In Sikar

A bucket in Sikar wanders around the water for water, water department’s heavy negligence


The department, which currently has the drinking water source, can not be used properly.


Palsana: On the other hand, the caretaker of the department is busy sharing the monkey on the other hand due to the massive shortage of drinking water in the town. The department, which currently has the drinking water source, can not be used properly and the people of the town are not able to get the water of their entitlement. In this case, there is huge scarcity of drinking water in the town and people keep wandering around for one bucket of water.


The third part of the water is not available

Apart from being reduced to large panchayats of Dantarmagarh tehsil, Palsana town is also sub-divisional headquarter, and in the town as well as having big undertakings like milk union, rico industrial area, agricultural produce market of two districts, in the last few years, many big educational institutions and merchants Establishment has also been established. Thereby, the development of the town is also growing rapidly. Also, the population has also increased with the acceleration in the last few years. After this many new colonies expanded. But the water level is continuously falling and the drinking water requirement is continuously increasing. In this way, compare the population with more than 12 lakh liters of water daily in the town, but only three to four lakh liters of water can be supplied in the town by the water supply department.


Not improved in 48 hours


The water supply department is currently supplying water to the city two days. Despite this, most of the households are not getting water, and where there is access, there is only one name. In such a situation, people have to pay the bills on one side of the water department and on the other hand they have to pay water to the tankers.


460 lakh project approved


Drinking water was provided by the water supply department in the town about 35 years ago by providing a house-to-house connection. But now with the expansion of the population area, the pipelines have also gone down considerably. There is also a need to increase water source as well as increase the water pipelines. After the movement of villagers in November last year, high officials of the department had made a project and asked to abolish the drinking water system of the town and after this, a proposal of about 460 lakh rupees was made and sent to the state government. But now that the project is approved and the budget is released, people of the town can get relief from drinking water problem.


The requirement is 12 lakh liters and available three to four lakh liters. In this way, the amount of water is working from the same. If the project is sent and approved, then the problem will be resolved. At the moment, in view of the heat, the high officials have been apprised of the acceptance of the tankers.

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