Sikar news : Poor System Of Shekhawati University

Growing disturbances in the system of Pandit Deendayal Shekhawati University, this is the bitter truth


There is a rigging in the day-to-day examinations. Students are taking the exams somewhere at the center


Sikar. Due to not being afraid of strict action, the disturbances in Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya Shekhawati University exams are increasing. This is the reason why rigging is coming in the examination day. Wherever students are taking the exams at the center, then the wife is taking the exam and her husband remains a speculator at the same center. In some places, colleges have been turned into a center for each other and no college has CCTV cameras. The center of one college was arranged in the second college at the center of the second center of the second college in Bublai, Udaipurwati, Gudagoudzi, Chidawa, Khetri and Pilani. Cross center can not be given as per the rules of the university.


Leaking the Vice Chancellor


University Vice Chancellor Prof. BL Sharma is reaching the examination centers for a surprise inspection from 5 a.m., but the sources say that before reaching them, the information is reaching the center.


There is a report on the case of food at the time of the examination of the Central Candidate. They will also take action there. -ProBL Sharma, VC, Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya Shekhawati University, Sikar.

Case: One

He is taking a student examination at a center of the Buhana subdivision of Jhunjhunun district, who is currently studying at the same college owner’s BEd College. A student even complained about it. After that the student was removed from duty, but other students are spoiling their time by taking exams in compulsion. While students studying according to rules can not be called speculators.


Case: two

The Vice Chancellor inspected the examination center at Jhunjhunun. There, the Central Candidate did not get the examination. When the staff gave the information to the Central Committee, he reached the center of the funeral, but he cleared that he had gone to the meal. During the examination the Center can not leave the center. This incident is on March 15, but there is no concrete action yet.


Case: three

The University team examined the examination center on March 13. The team watching the system at the center was stunned itself. There was a lady examining it, it is surprising that there was no one else to take the examination, but at that center the husband of the woman had become a speculator. While according to the rules, the speaker can not even put a distinction at the center, to the near relative.

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