Sikar News : Protest For Water Problem

In Rajasthan, the warning of the aggravated agitation and agitation among women about drinking water problem


Meanwhile, the speakers said that for drinking water the women are forced to land on the road.


Water supply department is unable to provide respite to the common man in the solution of drinking water problems. For this reason the anger of the people is increasing steadily. On Tuesday, the activists of the Janudhya Mahila Samiti presented a protest on the sub-divisional office on the issue of drinking water problem in the town. Tehsil Secretary Manju Chauhan said that under the chairmanship of Tehsil President Jummi Bano, he gave a memorandum in front of the subdivision office and gave a memorandum under the leadership of the state vice president Tara Dhyal of the committee. Dhayal said that the present government had made many promises during the Suraj Sankalp Yatra. But the basic and first requirement of the public is not getting water from the correct cloud of the entire town.


Meanwhile, the speakers said that for drinking water the women are forced to land on the road. He has demanded a solution to the problem soon after giving a memorandum to the Assistant Engineer Rajender Gurjar of Water Supply Department. Women warned that if there is no solution soon, fierce movement will be done. Finally, the Water Supply Department’s engineers assured to start the tanker transport early in the areas of drinking water. The collapse ended on this Many women workers including Kailash Samota, Secretary Arjun Lal, Tehsil President of Kisan Sabha were present during this period.


Increased drinking water problem by line breakdown

On Monday night, unknown people broke the tanks and chambers of water tank for drinking water supply in Gram Panchayat Bagriavas. Thousands of liters of water went extinct and this increased the problem of drinking water in the area. Villagers including Panchayat Samiti member Ghanshyam say that this line is broken due to the mistake of many people of the village. Earlier even before the starter, other materials including the cables were stolen. Its sarpanch Bhairun Lal Meena filed a report in the police. Even before three days, the people broke the chambers and tanks of the official tank built in the Janata Jan Yojna. In this way the locals have fixed the lines on their expenditure. The villagers gave information about the matter to Subdivision Officer, Development Officer and Sarpanch Bhairun Lal Meena. But no one has heard anything. The angry villagers stood near the tank and protested. People are getting water tankers with their own money at costly rates by scattering the drinking water supply.

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