Sikar News : Rajasthan Govt Took this step Before assembly election 2018

Rajasthan government will form support for orphaned daughters in the election year


Government has felt the pain of orphaned daughters in the election year. The state government will bear most of the expenses after the tenth of the daughters whose parents are not both. Earlier, financial assistance was given to two meritorious students of every district and a BPL family student, who were toppled in the 10th examination by reading out the government schools in our daughter’s scheme. Now this year, orphan girls have also been added to the scheme. Now every daughter will be given more benefit to a daughter. Thus, a total of four daughters will be benefited from every district.


This amount will be borne by the Girl Child Education Foundation Jaipur. This assistance will be given to the same orphaned daughter who has received 70 percent or more marks in the tenth. The girl’s merit will be calculated in that district, where she has passed the examination of Tenth, whether it is anywhere.


If the merit changed

Scores change after many re-evaluation. If there is a change in the place of the girl child and the financial benefit has been given to the girl till the change, then the help given will not be returned. On the same number of girls, the girl who has more marks in Mathematics, Science and English respectively will be selected. If these subjects also have the same marks, then the elderly Balika will be selected.

Thus get help

The selected girls will be given from class 11 to the undergraduate education / training. For studying in class 11 / vocational education, Rs 15 thousand will be given for textbooks, stationery, uniform. One lakh rupees for coaching preparation and others will be given every year. After class twelve, a maximum of 25 thousand rupees for stashni and others and a maximum of Rs two lakh for teaching fees / coaching and others will be paid.

They say

An orphan daughter from every district will be benefited in the Chief Minister’s scheme of our daughters. This will give support to daughters. Due to financial constraints, many daughters will not be able to study even when they are meritorious, such daughters will benefit. Their dreams will be fulfilled.

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