Sikar News : Rajasthan Police Constable Exam 2018

Rajasthan Police Constable Recruitment Examination Cancellation Candidates Bothered


However, the final decision will be taken in the meeting held at the Police Headquarters.


Sikar. The Police Department has canceled the Constable Recruitment Examination of five thousand posts. Now the new recruitment pattern and the date of the examination will be announced soon. The department has taken this step after copying the hi-tech conducted online in the examination. This will affect more than one lakh candidates of Shekhawati. With the cancellation of the examination, candidates from all over the state will have to prepare again. Probably now the police headquarters is in the mood to conduct offline exams till June and July. However, the final decision will be taken in the meeting held at the Police Headquarters.

Posts will increase

Rajasthan Police Constable Recruitment Examination Now according to the budget announcement, there will be increase in the posts. According to the budget announcement, there can be an increase of 1500 to 2 thousand posts in recruitment. Candidates are happy with the increase in the posts, but cancellation of the recruitment process is also a little exhausted in the candidates.


Applications: Do not repeat

The Police Department has definitely given relief to the candidates regarding the applications. The Police Department indicated that the candidates will not have to renew applications for joining the examination.

Recruitment policy

According to trader Ashish Sunda, the State Government should make a policy after getting the exit of Question papers and continuously increasing activation of the duplicate gang. In order to prevent such incidents, strict laws should be made. While changing the recruitment pattern, the test date should be announced only ten days before so that such gangs can not run their feet. In every recruitment it is compulsory to take the examination six months after filling the application form.


Government responsible

Former student wing president Ramkrishna Jakhar says that the government is directly responsible for question-answer cases. The government did not review the preparedness during the time. Now it will be punished by nearly ten lakh students of the state. He says that now the youth will have to prepare pockets to prepare again.


The complete mathematics of the recruitment scam

Before the examination of the Rajasthan Police recruitment, the information about the paper out and gangs became operational before the examination. In such a situation, the police decided to organize online exams to save credibility. The online exam lasted well for a day or two. Afterwards, the whole game of copying is going on in online mode. After this, in the next four days, along with Jaipur, on the other three centers, the copy of the duplication took place, the police also went to the spot.

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