Sikar News : Rajasthan Police Constable recruitment 2018 Cheating Gang interrogate

Rajasthan Constable Recruitment Examination In 2018 paper leaks and imitations can be bigger than this.


In the Rajasthan Constable Recruitment Examination, 2018, strict inquiry of Sikar police is continuing with the gang that was brokering in the name of paper leak and imitation.


Sikar Police has taken many important clues in the inquiry so far. On the basis of which the police is now engaged in the search of the main gangster of this gang.
After completion of the Rajasthan Constable Recruitment Examination from July 14 and July 15, 2018, the police is now looking for the main brokers of the gang.
Sikar Police presented the gang’s six accused again in the court on Sunday. In which the accused Subhash has been sent to jail. Apart from this, Sandeep Bagriya, Sunil, Asharam, Jagdish and Ashok have been remanded for one day remand.


There have been many important revelations in this inquiry. In the case, the investigating officer Sadar SHO Ravindra Pratap said that the documents of several candidates were received from the mobile of the accused.


Several other names of his colleagues have also been revealed in police questioning. The police now wants to go to the bottom in this case. After arresting the accused, the police recruitment examination in Sikar was done peacefully. There was no complaint of any disturbances anywhere.


39 Thousand 500 test given the second day

Constable recruitment examination in district was completed in two innings on the second day on Sunday. On Sunday, 39 thousand 500 candidates got the exam on 43 examination centers created in the district. On the second day, the police continued to be strict and only after examining the candidates the admission was granted. Jewelery of women candidates was removed. Only long sleeved shirts and salwar sides were entered after cutting. ASP Dr Tejpal Singh told that the orders that were received from the headquarters were given in the same way after the inquiry. Examination in the entire district is peaceful.


In the Rajasthan Police Constable Recruitment Exam, which took place after almost five years, many questions were asked outside the syllabus issued by the department. However, due to the strictness of the administration, this time the examination was peaceful, but for the past several years, the candidates of many candidates who were preparing for the exam were also broke. Because the difficulty level of the questions is of graduation level. Candidates said that in general the general knowledge of the level of India level and also the eighth tenth level is asked.


The questions of science and mathematics are also asked about the level of eighth grade. But in the paper, what is the name of the 50-kilometer long ancient Roman artificial water bridge (water house used by Romanians) built on the Gardon River in Remouulans, Kimmoon of Southern France, during which year Margaret Thatcher was elected the first female prime minister of Britain? Who won in the 122nd Boston Marathon 2018 Women’s section, as many such questions were in those questions which were asked in World Level examinations with high level level GK

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