Sikar News : Rehabilitating job expectations of unemployed people in Rajasthan

Rehabilitating job expectations of unemployed people in Rajasthan, after reading the news, you will also feel a shock


Around 25 thousand teachers of the state have applied for recruitment in the third category teacher recruitment.


The faculty teachers who have already begun on the expectations of the pass candidates in the reit examination have turned their backs on. Around 25 thousand teachers of the state have applied for recruitment in the third category teacher recruitment. More than ten thousand of these joined the race for recruitment. It is a rage that unemployed people have to suffer. If posting in pre-selected new locations, then the post is vacant in the schools. While third category and recruitment is no longer possible during this government’s tenure. The fact is that students of that district may also have to suffer. Earlier, in the year 2018, teacher recruitment in the Sanskrit department was also revealed. In the recruitment for 1829 posts, there were 700 people, who were already working as a teacher.


Then there will be many lists


Most of the teachers who apply for the home wishes have not got the district of merit. In such a situation, he will work in his old places. There is a possibility that the Education Department has to issue a waiting list in all the districts again. With the general teacher, the waiting list of special teachers is expected to be released.


Also put out the old testimonials of Tate-Rit


Candidates who have passed the TET and RIT examinations in 2012, 13 and 16 along with the proof of RIT 2018 in third grade level 1 apply. Years 2012, 13 and 16 have to be certified, while they have already received a job before this. Due to the use of a certificate more than once, the old candidates were also involved. Many times the candidates are re-using the certificate due to the change of district, due to getting the desired district.


Here, candidates who have passed out are also


For these reasons, the candidates who had passed the examination for the first time got out of recruitment, then some left from number one or two. Santosh Kumar, resident of Jaipur, told that he left only one number. The people who took the job again took our job by putting a certificate. At the same time, Ajay told Alwar that there was no selection even after bringing 74 percent of the number. If a certificate is considered once certified, then new people can get a job.


Job seekers meet once from a certificate


In the case of re-selection of the already selected candidates, the anger of the unemployed is increasing. Demonstration has also been performed in several districts on behalf of the Sangharsh Samiti. The unemployed say that a certificate from Reat should get a job opportunity in one place. If the application from the same certificate again, it should be disqualified. Because one is getting the chance many times while sitting for the second year is looking for a job.


List released for these posts


Non scheduled area- 20497
Scheduled Area – 5503




Rai Vyas’s Rite of Dhaulpur resident was elected in 2016. Now re-applied and selected. Alwar resident Vinod Sharma has also been selected for the second time. Similarly, Sekhar resident Raghavendra, Suman Chaudhary and others have been selected again.

Not filled in application form

This year, the Department of Education has also innovated with many changes in the first level of recruiting third class teachers. But did not mention it in the application form that has already been employed or applied for the first time selection. If the department also included this information in the application form, then their number could already be public.


Most affected by Shekhawati


Most of the candidates who are re-selected in the first level are from Shekhawati. According to departmental sources, more than three thousand teachers have been re-elected from Shekhawati alone. At the forefront of this is Jhunjhunun District. While Sikar and Churu are also not short. The figure in the state is more than ten thousand.

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