Sikar News : Shekhawati University Accept Paper Leak During Exam In Fir Sikar

Such a thing written in the FIR lodged by the university when the paper was viral, which was shocked by the police.


Shekhawati University gave the information of being the viral of the last papers itself in the FIR.


Three papers were viral in college examinations organized by Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya Shekhawati University. The information of the last paper being viral in them was written by the Vivi administration itself in the FIR. But no action was taken even after one month of recording the FIR. Police say that no evidence has been received in lieu of paper leak from the university. And the Vivi administration has filed FIR in the FIR. Meanwhile, the Vivas administration says that we have registered an FIR to the police. Now the police will investigate this matter.


This was viral truth


BSc Part became viral half-an-hour before the third paper examination of the first year of animal science. The information of the paper viral came from many places to the university. But the administration did not take it seriously. Even before that, the paper had become viral twice before the examination. But the university administration has not taken any concrete action till date.

Happened paper viral like this


An hour before the paper was started, many students went to the question paper. Take a paper from there and sit in your car after coming out of the college gate. Take a photo of a coffee maker on a blank page with a mobile phone and even viral on the wateps. As soon as the paper becomes viral, the candidates enter the college gate for examination, considering the questions related to the viral paper in their answer papers.

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