Sikar News : Shekhawati University Change Exam Centre

Thousands of students were deprived of the examination due to this big negligence of Shekhawati University


Changing the examination centers from Manmerjee to the examination conducted by Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya Shekhawati University has become a huge impediment to the students.


Sikar. Changing the examination centers from Manmerjee to the examination conducted by Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya Shekhawati University in the district has become very difficult on the students. Due to lack of information about change of examination centers, many students have also been deprived of the examination. Now the candidates are appealing from the university to higher education department officials. After the commencement of the examinations, three college exam centers have been canceled till now. Apart from this, changes have also been made in nine college examination centers. Similarly, all the centers of three colleges have been made new.


Missed examination

Due to changing the examination center of Balaji College, located in Nawalgarh Road, in the Sambal College, the first year student, Manish Kumar, a resident of Dhod, was deprived of computer compulsory paper. Manish says that he did not get any information about the examination center change in the past. He got information when he reached the center five minutes before the examination began.


Exam Date changed


Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay University on Wednesday changed the date of examination of the philosophy of BA final. Examination controller Munesh Kumar said that the first paper of the Philosophy of BA Final will be from Darshan Shastra Dharma till 24 April morning from 7 to 10 in the morning. After that, on 26th April, the second paper Plato, the third paper on May 1, the Sankhya Yoga, the fourth paper on May 2, the Indian logic and the fifth paper of social political philosophy.


SMS on mobile before exam

The University has also made fun of the examination. The examiner prepares for the exam for a long time. Information about changing of the examination center through SMS on mobile sometime before the examination. Due to the pressure of examination on many examiners, SMS can not be found even after their mobile shutdown. In such a situation, changing the examination center has not resulted in deprivation of time. Candidates have demanded that change in the examination time table should be given at least five days in advance.

Given the gaps in the centers during the examination, the center has been changed. Information is being reported on applicants’ mobile number in the applicants. Candidates who have incorrectly entered their mobile number application can not be informed.



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