Sikar News : Sikar BSF Jawan Lokendra Martyred In Chhattisgarh

Lal Lokendra  of Shekhawati Shahid in the attack of Maoists, wave of mourning in the village


Coral Ladla village of Sikar district, martyr in Naxals attack in Mohla forest of Pratappur police station area of ​​Chhattisgarh state capital Raipur. The jawans were on the Sunday morning. At the same time, the Naxalites attacked them. In this attack, 25-year-old Lokendra Singh Shekhawat of Nathujar resident of 175 battalion of BSF and Mukhtar Singh of Punjab has been martyred.


The young man turned towards Pratappur at around four o’clock in the morning from the Mohla on the search. While returning, he got trapped in Ambush and on the side of the Barakot village, the Maoists attacked them suddenly. The body of Shaheed Lokendra Singh will reach the village on Monday. His funeral will be done on Monday. Lokendra Singh was recruited to the post of constable in BSF in May 2011.


Presently, he was posted as the Constable for the 175th Battalion of BSF in Naxalite area of ​​Chhattisgarh. Three years ago Lokendra was married to Annukon of Asrwa village of Parbetsar.


Lokendra’s son stopped preparations for Jaduula festival

Preparations were being made at the house of Lokendra Singh at the house of his six-month old son, Prakash Pratap Singh. By making sweets at home, the people of Bhaiyar ji in Mau was going to take a hammer in the temple, that the happiness of the family was hoarded after the news of Lonendra Singh being martyred, and the atmosphere of the house became stingy.


However, till late evening, Lokeendra’s mother Kailash Kanwar, father Mahendra Singh and wife were not informed about the martyrdom of Lokendra. He was given the news of being injured by a bullet on the leg of Lokendra.


Married three years ago

Three years ago Lokendra Singh was married to Annu Kanwar of Asrwa village of Parbhatsar Nagaur. Lokendra Singh has a big brother Kuldip, who is a personal driver. Father works as farmer at home. Lokendra’s mother, Kailash Kanwar, is suffering from incurable disease for nearly a year. Those who are undergoing treatment from Bikaner Hospital.


First martyr of village

In the Indian Army and Para-military forces, hundreds of youth have been retired by serving on different posts and hundreds of youths are serving. Many of them have fought the battles of Indo-China, India Pak and Kargil, but no martyr has ever happened. Lokendra is the first martyr son of the village.

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