Sikar News : Sikar Girls of Govt school get good Rank in RBSE 10th result 2018

With the hard work of these two daughters, these two daughters played the role of success, everyone praised them.


RBSE 10th result 2018: Ruchika of State Secondary School, Lalasi, in Sikar district, 96.17 and Chandrakanta secured 95.67 percent marks.


Sikar : Rajasthan Secondary Education Board has released the results of the Tenth test 2018 on Monday. Government schools of Sikar district have also performed brilliantly in the 10th result. State High School Lalasi is also one of them. The student of Ruchika Mile, 96.17 and Chandrakata Sharma, has secured the name of government schools by getting 95.67 percent marks.


With the hard work of the school staff, both of their mothers have also played an important role in this endeavor of success. The mother of both the girls not only did her daughters but also gave up the whole school’s enrollment and improvement in the academic level.


She said that after the decision of teaching Ruchika’s father, Surendra Mile to teach her daughter in government school, Housewife mother Vinod Devi became a member of SDMC’s School and participated in publicity from public relations to every activity.


At the same time, student of Chandrakanta, BA, Bedi Poonam also showed similar zeal while being a member of SDMC. Since his three children were admitted to Lalasi Government School, Poonam played a part in the development of the whole school with his children.


Meanwhile, Principal Ramawatar Singh Dakha and senior teacher Dinesh Bhookar have also accepted the important role of the foundation campaign of Rajasthan magazine behind the school’s best results. Even after getting admission in private school, hundreds of children including these daughters turned back to the government school and today the whole village is playing their role in school development.

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