Sikar News : Summer Temperature increase in Shekhawati Area

Summer in Shekhawati frustrated the fury, cold air cooler also failed


In the Shekhawati zone on Thursday, the maximum temperature was hovering at 42 degree Celsius at the Churu Weather Station, which was severely wrecked by heat.


Sikar. In the Shekhawati zone on Thursday, the maximum temperature at the Churu Weather Station was overwhelmingly exceeding the maximum temperature of 42 degree Celsius. The wings started throwing hot air and the cooler cooler air failed to reduce the temperature. Although there was some relief after sunset. Sweat was also good in the air without moisture. In the afternoon, the fans did not even get relief on running at a faster pace. Due to the sharpness of sunlight, the two-wheeler drivers were most troubled. People resorted to drinks like soft drinks, juices and lassi. There was a crowd of people at the shops of juice and ice cream. Fatehpur Agricultural Research Station recorded maximum temperature of 42 degree Celsius and minimum temperature was 21.8 degree Celsius.


Roanak less in markets


At 8 o’clock in the city of Sikar, the heat had started showing its effect. From morning to evening, the whole city was warming. There has been less anxiety in public places due to the increase in temperature since last two days. The people who went to other places also searched the weather and soon took off. People went to the offices, shops, institutions before sunrise.


Animal husbandry


On the one hand, due to the increase in heat, people are feeling helpless, while due to low heat the farmer is in the animal husbandry regarding sowing of kharif. The main reason is that after the plowing of fields, the bacteria present in the ground end when the heat is high. The upcoming crop gets better production.

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