Sikar News : Three anicut broken in Sikar district due to heavy Rainfall

In Sikar, the rainy season becom sorrow on the life of people of three villages


On Monday night at around one o’clock in the Neemkathana area of ​​Sikar district of Rajasthan, the rainy season began, which continued till four o’clock in the morning. After heavy rains, the rivers, the streams in the area started boiling. After the heavy rain in the night, Anitak broke into Sadala, Lord Bhagora, Palasala and Kundala.


Baidwari Lal Gurjar, a resident of Sadaala Bhagwanpura, told that Anikit started to be formed in 2008. Whose paperwork was completed in 2016. While this Anicut’s work was incomplete. After the construction of this Annikate, the first rain in the area occurred. In which it broke. This Anicut had a transformer with a line of 11 thousand. The soil near which was swept along with the drift, but the bigger crash was over.


During this time people contacted the phone several times to cut the power line, but no staff picked up the phone. The crops of standing adjacent to the forest near Ennisk were crushed. At the same time, the watershed of the watershed built by Watershed was broken down near Palasala. It has been a mistake that the water flowing in this acne does not break down.


Here, eight years came water in Raipur river

In Nimakathana of Sikar late morning till morning, rain has brought news of relief and relief for the town. Since the information of the water coming in, the flow of visitors to the river is constantly rising. Let us know that the rainy season began at 3 o’clock in the morning, which continued till about seven o’clock in the morning. With the continuous rains, the town’s terrain was fluttering with water, along with the thirst of the dry Raipur river for eight years. Earlier, this kind of water was seen in the river in 2010.

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