Sikar News : Three arrested for Bank Loot in shimla village Khetri Jhunjhunu

Shakhawati’s bank on the target of robbers, then looted two lakh rupees from the bank in the film style.

On Tuesday, the miscreants targeted the Khetri area bank in Jhunjhunun district.


The banks of Shekhawati are on the target of miscreants. After the robbery of a bank manager in Nakrasar of Churu, about two and a half lakh rupees from the bank in Sikar’s Dabla, this incident has also happened in Jhunjhunun district.


On Tuesday, the miscreants targeted the Khetri area bank in Jhunjhunun district. The accused also came here riding on a bike on the lines of village Dabla and entered the bank while firing air. At the tip of the gun, the miscreants looted about two lakh rupees from the cashier. Later, police showed bravery and caught all the miscreants.


The case belongs to Shimla village of Khetri police station in Jhunjhunun. Three robbers who came riding on a white bike robbed two lakh rupees from the bank at the tip of the gun. To spread panic among the people, the miscreants also made several round air fires. But, at the same time, the bank employees gave information to the police about the miscreants running towards Milwa Road.


After getting the information, the police officers of Mehra post checked the miscreants and chased them. It is being told that during this time police encounters with the miscreants. In which a scoundrel also fired on the police. However, the policemen got them caught by showing the courage.


The Khetri police is currently in the investigation for the three. There are likely to be many disclosures from the accused. It is worth mentioning that on July 4, the Baroda rural bank branch of Sikar’s Dabla village was also robbed of day-to-day robbery. In this incident, three crooks who came on white bikes even carried out the gun’s tip.


At the same time, there have been many looting efforts in the last two months in Jhunjhunun’s Udaipurwati banks. In Nakasar of Churu, the bank manager was shot to the bullet. In such a situation, the bank robbery gang is active in whole of Shekhawati.

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