Sikar News : Three Child Suffering From Genetic Disease Whatsapp Group Help

Three sons in the house only had serious illness, father did not have the money to get treatment, then help received through the Whatsapp Group


For ten years, the families who were suffering from serious illness have raised Rs 21 thousand in a few hours from the WattsAP Group for help.


For the family who has been suffering from serious illness for ten years after the dharna, near Dantarmgarh, 21 thousand rupees were raised in a few hours from the Wattsapp Group. Pausapati Kumawat Society of Losal shared the cutting story of the victim’s family in the Wattsapp Group. Here the information of those who give support to the family is being received regularly. People from Dubai have also given information to the journal of giving financial help shortly. In the Rajasthan magazine, on May 26th, a cutting-edge family of the disease was suffering from the disease for 10 years, the cutting group admin had published Prajapati Kumavat society on the WattsAP group.


After this, the members of the group expressed their desire for financial help and got the consent that only those who contributed money in the group have got the tension. After this, this amount was passed to half a dozen educators of the group till the night. A total of 21 thousand aid collected from the group members were given to the head of the victim’s family, Hiralal Kumavat, on Sunday by Assistant Commissioner Ashok Kumavat, Shrikishan Kumawat and Harfool Kumawat.


One by one, three sons became infected with illness


Hiralal Kumavat said that when he is seven years old, his sons suffer from this disease. When the teen couple was seven years old, her feet started getting stretched in the veins. He picked up the heel and started walking and then he started falling on the go. The doctors showed the treatment, but there was no benefit. The second son, Nirmal, who was seven years old, had this disease. Both of them became totally helpless and now Arjun is about to be seven years old and he has also started walking and walking.

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