Sikar News : Two muslim man doing work For Mokshadham and Cow in shekhawati

These two people, who are sweetened in the relationship of Hindu-Muslim, know their whole story.


While people of one religion are becoming intolerant towards other religions, there are also some people who prove that they do not teach that they do not teach hate. Similar work is being done by Mohammed Taufiq and his family of Mukhtar Ali and Laxmangarh of Churu. Sweethearted in the relationship of Hindus and Muslims, this person is inspirational for everyone. Let’s know their whole story.

Taufik’s family caring for Mokshadham

– The family of Mohammad Taufiq of Lakshmangarh has been working for cleaning, beautifying and beautifying the Mokshadham (crematorium) of Hindus in Laxmangarh town for nearly six decades.


– However, Taufik’s family also takes a nominal salary for this work.


-Taufik’s father, Jeevan Khan, kept him beautiful by serving at Bhootnath Shamshan Ghat for some 25 years.


– The same Taufiq has been doing a beauty work on the Jaipuria cremation ground at the north-western edge of the town for the last 10 years.


-The hard work of Taufik has made the cremation ground a delightful place like a tourist destination.


– This is the reason that in the cremation ground often people are afraid to go, hundreds of people come today for the morning walk.


-Thaufik’s four sons Jamil, Haroon, Saddam and Bablu also share hands in the father’s work.


Being a Muslim, handing out Taufik in the way of beautifying Hindu Mokshadham in such a way can be called a great example of communal harmony.


Roti for cows raises Mukhtar Ali of Churu

– Churu ward 43 resident Mukhtar Ali has been delivering roti and rupees from the alleys to Hanumangalmi Go Seva Dham for the last three years.


-The people of this service can not live without praising him for this reason.


– The objective of the Chief Minister is to serve the sick and crippled cow. At present, there are about 350 cattle in the Goshala.


– Nearly 50 cows volunteers work voluntarily in the said Goshala without government assistance.

Relax the mind

Mukhtar Ali, who served Govesh, said that the service of the cow is comforting to the mind. There is no hesitation in asking for bread for cattle. Mukhtar, who is carrying a cycle rickshaw at 8 o’clock in the morning, collects a rupee one rupee for the cattle till 8 o’clock.

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