Sikar News : When the Lord came, the Romans became enlightened

When the Lord came, the Romans became enlightened


Shrimadhopur Under the Jagannath Rath Yatra festival going on in the Goddess Dev Gopinath temple of the town, a royal ride was taken on the lines of Puri by taking the wooden statues of Lord Jagannath, Subhadra and Balbhadra from Lord Jagannath, Subhadra and Balbhadra. Temple Manant Dr. Manohar Sharan Das told that on the Jagannath Festival, God anointed Lord Panchamrata in the morning. At 3 pm, 18 ft long and 21 ft high Indra sits in the plane and goes out to the city excursion. In the Rath Yatra, devotees from Vrindavan, Iskcon Mandal Jaipur, Sikar, Choumun, Govindgarh, Nimkathana and Jodhpur sankirtana did. Lord Jagannath’s Indra was competing in pilgrims to drag the plane. MLA Zabar Singh Kharra also participated in the trip.


The pilgrims who came from the area woke up on the journey path. At the same time, the residents of the city have deviated from the devotees. The place of Rath Yatra was welcomed everywhere. Suresh Soni and Sardar Rajendra Singh shower perfume during the Rath Yatra. In the reception of Lord Jagannath, traders planted the pylon doors. Bhandara was made for pilgrims when they reached the yatra temple premises. In the yatra, Shri Mahant Dinesh Das Maharaj of Charodadham Khandela was present on the temple, Badrinarayan Pariik was on the chariot, then all the workers including Kunal Singh Shekhawat, Bajrang Agrawal, Pitamhar Sharan Patwari, Mahavir Pareek, Niranjan Soni, Tarachand Jangir, Samvar Mamodya, Ashok Soni, Shivshankar Chaudhary Stay organized.


The 13 million sacrifices in the Mahayagya, fulfillment today


Coral The Gram Panchayat is spreading the devotees throughout the day in 108 Pandit Shriram Mahayagya, in the presence of Saint Nand Das in Jodhya, the saint’s garden garden. Assistant Acharya Rakesh Sharma said that in the Mahayagya, Saint Premardas of Samod of Padhare told the significance of Yajna that man should utilize his abilities, power, wisdom, prestige, prestige, influence for the upliftment of the society. Whenever the utility of the ideal yagya will remain. Yagya Acharya Ganapati Vishwanath Shastri said that 13 lakhs have been given so far by Mahayaj Yatmans. The grand totality will be fulfilled on Thursdays at 12.00 pm.


Great faith in greatness

In the nine-day Shriram Mahayajya, thousands of pilgrims participated in the yagna range orbiting on Wednesday. Women and children fiercely bought in the fair. Thousands of pilgrims are eclipsing in the regular Bhandara on Wednesday. Children fiercely took advantage of the swinging swings in the fair. Scouts, voluntary organizations and social workers are providing their services at the fair. In the night the bhajan churches gave the presentation of colorful hymns.

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