Sikar News:builder illegal colony in sikar UIT loss 150 crores

Sikar City News:Builder illegal colony sikar UIT loss 150 crores 15000 peoples may be home less

Sikar builders have given a shock of 150 crore to UIT through unauthorized colonies. This is revealed in the UIT’s survey itself. The development of these colonies, without any land conversion, has also been brake. Most of these colony resides on agricultural land. For this reason, the UIT staff is also unable to issue lease. On the other hand, more than 15 thousand families living in illegal colonies are increasingly having trouble. Here, the UIT is also issuing notice to the landowners.

Sikar City News:Here is the illegal colony by survey of UIT In Sikar

60 hectares of Revenue Village Nani’s Kanwarpura Road, Palvas Road, Shyampura Road, Salasar Road area, 20 hectares in Samrpura, Piparli area, 30 hectares in Radhikishpura-Jhunjhunun Bypass area, Jagmalpura, Chandpura, Sabalpura and other areas, about 20 hectares of land The illegal colony has settled on.

Sikar City News:Account not found on land

The SC-ST’s land was also heavily bought-endorsed in the city. People stamped the colony by purchasing these lands through stamps. Due to the accounting of the land in the name of the original account holder, facilities such as roads, water and illumination in these colonies are not able to dump.

Sikar City News:Math of loss from illegal colonies

UIT officials say that if the leaseholders are issued after the planning of the layout of the same by the beneficiaries of the same land, after the approval of the plan by the Urban Development Department, then the City Council, UIT and the State Government will be given about 50 crores of premium and development charges. Meet in At the same time, about five crore rupees received registration fee and stamp duty. It was found in the UIT survey that about 300 hectare of common land account holders were sold without depositing urban development charges and registration fees. Apart from this, the government has lost about 100 crore.

Sikar City News:Notice issued …

The UIT had conducted the survey last days. It was revealed that illegal colony was settled in Sikar on about 130 hectares of land. If there was a revenue of about 150 crores from other, including premium, development fees and land conversion while settling the colony. Notices have also been issued to people living in illegal colonies.
-Ramnivas Jat, Secretary, UIT, Sikar

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