Simple Method Of Parvati Pujan

Simple method of gauri worship


Gauri, Sati, Ambika, Uma are many forms of Parvati of Lord Shiva. Goddess Parvati went to the jungles and received Shiva for a number of years. Mata Parvati should be worshiped for the sake of marriage and for maintaining strong marital relationship.


Copper vessel for copper idol, copper lota, water vase, milk, garments and ornaments to be offered to the god idol. Rice, kumkum, lamp, oil, cotton, incense, octagon. Rose flower Whatever is in the form of fruits, milk, sweet, coconut, panchamrta, dried fruits, sugar, paan, dakshina for offerings.



There is a need for resolution in worship that is done with the intention of fulfilling any particular wish. Deceitless devotion can be done without resolution too.

Make a selection before starting the worship. Take water, flowers and rice in hands before making a resolution. Speak your wish in the Sankalp that day the worshipers are doing that year, the date, the place and your name. Now leave the water taken in the hands on the ground.

Resolution example

As on 23/3/2015, Shri Gauri is to be worshiped. So take a resolution in this way. I (worship your name) Vikram Samvat 2072, on the third day of Chaitra month, on the Monday, in Bhani Nakshatra, worshiping Shri Gauri with this wish (in a dream) in Mahakaleshwar Shrine in Ujjain city of Madhya Pradesh, India.

Simple method of goddess Parvati worship

Start with the worship of Shri Ganesha. Bath yourself to Lord Ganesha. Offer clothes. Offer odor, floral, intact. Now start worshiping Goddess Parvati. The statue of Goddess Parvati should be installed on the left side of Lord Shiva
Appeal to goddess Parvati in idol Call that call. Give goddess Parvati postures in your house. Now take a bath to the Goddess. Bath before bathing again with water and then take bath with water. Now, give clothes to goddess Parvati. Wear jewelery after clothing. Wear florer now. Offer fragrant perfumes. Now make the tilak. Now offer incense and lamp. Offer flowers and rice to Goddess Parvati. Apply the lamp of ghee or oil as per the word of duty. Make aarti Rotate after Aarti. Now give a sacrifice. On the day of Goddess Parvati worship, keep on chanting this mantra: “Oo gauraye Namah” or “Oo Parvartaa Namah.”

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