Small Girl Student Punished To Not Paying School Fee In Delhi

The student of Delhi school did not fill the fees, 59 children of 5 to 8 years were kept in the basement for 5 hours.


The school administration said in cleanliness that this is not a cellar, but the activity room. Here air and light are arranged.


Rabbi Girls Public School located in the capital’s Balirman, in the name of not depositing fees, 59 girls from 5 to 8 years were kept in the basement for 5 hours on Monday. This case surfaced on Tuesday. Parents said that at around 12.30 pm, when they reached the school to pick up the children, it was discovered that 59 girls were not in the class. When asked by teachers, it was found that due to non-payment of fees children’s Attendance has not been made. They are kept in the basement. This was done at the behest of the school’s head Mistress Farah Diba Khan. The police has filed a lawsuit.


According to the parents, the girls were sitting on the ground in the basement. There was no fan till then. All were frustrated with heat and hunger and thirst. When parents complained to Head Mistress Farah Khan, they threatened to take them out of school. According to Khan, the children who did not deposit the fees were kept here. Parents say that we had deposited the fees till September. A child’s parents also showed a check to the media. On the other hand, the school administration clarified that it is not basement but the activity room. There is a system of air and light.

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